let’s talk about the Gratiferia movement all over the world !

A special thank to Kimi Mason

Hello everyone on the website page of GWADAPARTAGE & GRATIFERIA GUADELOUPE

Why the Gratiferia? In 2013, I realized what we all realized! that it was going badly in our society, and at all levels! But once i discovered this great idea! there were two solutions: (1)to continue complaining, (2)to grumble or to do something to improve our situations!.

By searching the net a usual thing I would normally do at the time, I discovered the gratiferia movement of france, and the movement of the hummingbirds of Pierre Rabhi, and there I knew that I had to do my share ! On a whim I launched the first gratiferia in November 2013 with a few friends, only one person (stranger) foreign to my circle came to the first stand and that person I will always have tenderness for her! One month after the second edition was launched, and there we were 100! It was sooo amazing! And from « I » we went to « We. » Indeed, from gratiferia to gratiferia we met wonderful people who allowed us to advance and do amazing things: gratiferia went from Vieux Habitants, then now Pointe Noire and Basse Terre and it is not finished yet! We advocate union, co-operation, mutual aid, each one does his part in his own way but tending towards the same goal: to change this world by our ways of consuming !. The monthly free market is the opportunity to meet to have this bond between humans that we do not have in the temples of consumption! And as we are numerous at each gratiferia , and there as easy as passing a wire in a needle we open new gratiferias, but together, in the same family: the Gratiferia Guadeloupe! Three years already, but this is only the beginning of a new season Gratiferia season it will never die.

Why Gwadapartage? well In 2014, we wanted to launch the natural baskets, and the money to manage it needed a framework of an association, which allows us to pay the fuel of the volunteers, the telephone of the association and also the few expenses because thanks to the Large family and the sharing spirit we operate almost autonomously! But above all we tend to associate Guadeloupe with different workshops, group orders, craftsmen with the will to do a great job, and new encounters that will make life more enjoyable.

On Facebook we have created a page that you will surely know of once you search Gratiferia Guadeloupe and the information will be better given there and you will find the dates of the manifestations!

Thank you to those who are part of the adventure and to those who will join us!

A special thank you to Julien who has done a colossal job for this site, he merits this award to him sincerly! HIP HIP HIP HOURA for JULIEN